Psiber Data WireXpert 4500 RICHIEDI QUOTAZIONE

Most advanced cable certification for all standards: Class D/E/EA/FA, Category 5e/6/6A, and the new draft CAT 8 as well as ISO draft standards Class I and Class II
First cable certification up to 2500 MHz to support new TIA CAT 8 und ISO Class I and II draft standard
Fastest Autotest in less than 9 seconds
Measurement accuracy independently verified by ETL - Exceeds ISO Level V* (draft), IV and TIA Level IIIe Accuracy requirements
Field upgradable with many options e.g. patchcord testing, Industrial Ethernet, Class FA
Perform extended Fiber certification for 850/1300 MM and 1310/1550 SM Fiber
First to support MPO Fiber testing for data centers
Psiber Data WireXpert 500 RICHIEDI QUOTAZIONE

Advanced cable certification up to 500 MHz
Certifying according to stadards Class D/E/EA & CAT 5e/6/6A
Superfast Autotest time of 9 seconds
Meets TIA and ISO Level IIIe accuracy requirements
Certification testing of Patch-cords
Industrial Ethernet testing with M12 connectivity
Advanced reporting and documentation
Most affordable certifier for premise cabling and Industrial Ethernet