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Codice: aeroflex_3251
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Prodotto di Aeroflex con codice aeroflex_3251,
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Analizzatore di spettro 1 kHz - 26.5 GHz


To support the constantly evolving wireless communication market, the Aeroflex IFR 3250 Series Spectrum Analyzer 1 kHz - 26.5 GHz incorporates a standard 30 MHz bandwidth digitizer and digital modulation analysis S/W. The instrument has been optimized for various mobile and wireless communication measurements such as GSM/EDGE, UMTS, WiMAX and WiBRO.

With its powerful RF performance and advanced applications the 3250 is ideally suited for RF development, design analysis and testing. All models have a Windows® XP operating system, remote control capabilities via LAN, GPIB and RS-232C as well as a 7” touch panel screen, ensuring ease of operation and exceptional connectivity. The internal web server allows remote control from a web browser or tablet PC.

Optional measurement personality libraries for leading wireless communication technologies provide the 3250 exceptional measurement and demodulation capability for development and manufacturing engineers to optimize designs, improve throughput or examine signals.

  • Powerful RF performance, phase noise - 115 dBc/Hz, DANL -145 dBm/Hz
  • Vector analyzer with 30 MHz I/Q demodulation bandwidth
  • Measurement personality options including GSM/EDGE, UMTS, CDMA2000/1xEVDO, WLAN and WiMAX
  • Remote control via LAN, GPIB, RS-232C
  • S/W extension based on Windows ® XP
  • 7" wide touch panel display
  • Standard removable hard disk
  • Optional 3 GHz and 8 GHz tracking generator
  • Optional EMI receiver and preselectors
  • Portability based on light and compact design
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