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Codice: ANRoslnf50
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Prodotto di Anritsu con codice ANRoslnf50,
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Accessorio per Analizzatore di Rete Kit Calibrazione DC

Anritsu adds flexibility when performing a calibration by offering a combination of calibration kits that are small and portable. These calibration kits are based on the user's calibration needs and feature an Open, Short and Load with optional Through standard if needed.

The OSL series open/short/load are used on the test port of both handheld and benchtop Vector Network Analyzers to establish a reference for accurate measurement.

The TOSL series Thru/Open/Short/Load calibration kits have been designed to provide superior measurement results when used with precision instruments. It is designed for use in both field and lab environments.

  • Single Component providing full open, short and load reflection standards for accurate measurements
  • DC to 43.5 GHz frequency coverage
  • Various connector configurations supported including N, K, 7/16 DIN and 4.3-10
  • 50 ohm Impedance
  • Available in either female or male gendered interfaces
  • Type K connectors are compatible with 3.5 mm and SMA connectors
  • TOSLK/F50A-43.5 come with .s1p to support database calibrations
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