Marca: Copper Mountain
Codice: cm-s7530
Disponibilità: Disponibile
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Prodotto di Copper Mountain con codice cm-s7530,
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Copper Mountain S7530 Analizzatore di rete vettoriale VNA


The S7530 Vector Network Analyzer delivers lab grade performance in a compact package, with all the features engineers have come to expect included standard in our software.

This portable 1.3 kg/46 oz. vector network analyzer can be battery powered and used in the field, in the laboratory, and in production testing. The VNA can be integrated into a production test system via Manufacturing Test plug-in.

S7530 VNA includes an RF measurement module and S2 software application which runs on Windows or Linux operating system on a PC, laptop, tablet, or x86 board computer connecting to the measurement hardware via USB interface. S2 software can be installed on multiple computers, making it easy to share the use of the analyzer measurement module.

VNAs and ACMs are delivered with factory calibration certificates containing no data. The add-on option for ISO17025/Z540-1 Accredited, Traceable Calibration Certificate and Uncertainties is available and needs to be specified at time of order.

Applications of the S7530 include RF component design and testing, on-wafer probing, field testing, insertion loss measurement, distance to fault measurements, antenna matching, quality control, material measurements, and many others. The S7530 is used particularly in the broadcasting industry where the standard line impedance is often 75 Ohms.

Informazioni sul prodotto
Caratteristiche principali
  • Frequency range: 20 kHz to 3 GHz
  • Measured parameters: S11, S21, S12, S22
  • Sweep types: Linear frequency, log frequency, segment, power sweep
  • Dynamic range: 120 dB (10Hz IF BW)
  • Measurement speed: 200 μs
  • Output power adjustment range: -50 dBm to + 5 dBm
  • Measurement points per sweep: up to 200,001
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