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Prodotto di Fluke con codice fluke_5502e,
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Calibratore multifunzione 1020V 20.5A


The functions you need for wide workload coverage

The 5502E has a wide range of outputs available from a single calibration source. These include dc and ac voltages up to 1020 V, dc and ac current up to 20.5 A directly or 1025 A (using the 5500A/COIL 50-turn current coil accessory) and variable resistances up to 1100 MΩ.

Using the 52120A Transconductance amplifier, the 5502E's output current is extended from 20.5 to 120 A; and with the use of 25 and 50 turn coils, it can calibrate instruments requiring currents up to 6000 A.

The 5502E also provides continuously variable capacitance values up to 110 mF. For temperature calibration applications, thermocouples and RTDs are simulated and thermocouple signals can be measured. It also generates digitally synthesized extended bandwidth sine, truncated sine, triangle and square waveforms. The 5502E gives you broad workload coverage in one economically-priced package.

Easy-to-use operation

While the Fluke Calibration 5502E calibrator helps you do more work, it also makes it easier to get work done. Its intuitive design makes operating it as natural as turning on a light switch, reducing references to the manual. For most tasks, your hand moves from the left to right, keeping you from having to make long, illogical or uncomfortable movements. Most functions require minimal keystrokes.

The 5502E is also easy on your budget because no additional fixtures are required and you can use it with conventional test leads.

Automate calibration for documented consistency and efficiency

With standards like ISO 17025 and ISO 9000, there is a lot more to calibration than just making measurements. You also have documentation, control and reporting requirements to meet.

Optional Microsoft Windows® based Fluke Calibration metrology software simplifies the documentation of your procedures, adequacy and traceability. It also collects and reports calibration results information and helps you to consistently, quickly and efficiently calibrate a wide variety of instruments. With it your entire calibration process—from creating and executing procedures through results data collection and reporting—can be automated.

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