Marca: Agilent / HP
Codice: hp8757c
Disponibilità: Disponibile
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Prodotto di Agilent / HP con codice hp8757c,
in vendita online nuovo ed usato e con possibilità di noleggio

Scalar Network Analyzer

  • 76 dB dynamic range
  • Accurate swept power measurements
  • 40 dB directivity bridges
  • 40 GHz in coax, 110 GHz in waveguide
  • Buffered plotter/printer output
  • External disk and internal register save/recall
  • Limit testing built in
  • Precision color display

Measure insertion loss, gain, return loss, SWR, and power quickly and accurately with the 8757C Scalar Network Analyzers.  With high-performance detectors and directional bridges, and a companion HP source and digital plotter, the 8757C becomes the basis of a complete measurement system with superb performance.

Informazioni sul prodotto
Caratteristiche principali
  • Frequenza: 10 MHz - 110 GHz
  • Canali: 4
  • Range dinamico: 76 dB
  • Fino a 1601 punti
  • Display:CRT Colori
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