Marca: GW Instek
Codice: GDP-100
Disponibilità: Disponibile
€ 554,00
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Prodotto di GW Instek con codice GDP-100,
in vendita online nuovo ed usato e con possibilità di noleggio

Sonda, 100MHz, 7kV


The GDP series probe provide 25MHz, 50MHz and 100MHz bandwidth, enablesing users to safely make high-voltage measurements on floating circuit test. GDP series high-voltage differential probe converts floating signals to low-voltage ground-referenced signals that can be displayed safely and easily on any ground-references oscilloscope.

The GDP-025/050/100 differential probe offer user selectable attenuation settings that make it highly versatile, allowing it to be used for a broad range of applications. The proble comes with probe tip accessories for use with both small or large components in tight places. The GDP-025/050/100 also provide over-range indicator which alerts the user when the probe input exceeds the dynamic range of the probe.

Informazioni sul prodotto
Caratteristiche principali
  • Tipo di sensore: Differenziale di alta tensione
  • Idoneo per: GDS-3000/2000A/2000E/1000A-U/1000-U Series Oscilloscope
  • Larghezza di banda: 50 MHz
  • Tensione nominale: 7 kV
  • Corrente nominale: 35 mA
  • Colore sonda: Nero, rosso


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