Marca: Bird Electronics
Codice: BIR8895300
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Prodotto di Bird Electronics con codice BIR8895300,
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Terminazione RF Raffreddata ad Olio 1 GHz

2500W, Oil-Cooled Dry RF Terminations

8890-300 Series, RF Loads are self-contained high-power 50 ohm coaxial transmission line terminations requiring no outside power source or additional equipment. It provides accurate, dependable, and practically non-reflective termination for testing and adjusting transmitters under non-radiating conditions. The load consists essentially of a cylindrical film type resistor immersed in a dielectric coolant. The resistor, individually selected for its accuracy, is enclosed in a special tapered housing which provides a linear reduction in surge impedance directly proportional to the distance along the resistor.


  • Oil-assisted (vented) convection cooling for safe, continuous operation up to 2500W full rated power.
  • Compatible with all Bird QC connectors.
  • Overload thermoswitch P/N 8890-008 is optional. Free assembly when ordered as a package.
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