Marca: Rohde & Schwarz
Codice: rsznb20
Disponibilità: Disponibile
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Prodotto di Rohde & Schwarz con codice rsznb20,
in vendita online nuovo ed usato e con possibilità di noleggio

Analizzatori di rete vettoriale da banco 20 GHz


More than 60 years of experience in the field of vector network analysis pay off: Rohde & Schwarz sets new benchmarks with its R&S®ZNB family of vector network analyzers. These analyzers feature high measurement speed, outstanding precision and exceptional ease of operation.

  • Frequency range from 9 kHz up to 40 GHz
  • Wide dynamic range of up to 140 dB
  • Short sweep times, e.g. 4 ms for 401 points
  • High temperature stability of typ. 0.01 dB/°C
  • Wide power sweep range of 98 dB
  • Wide range of IF bandwidths from 1 Hz to 10 MHz
  • Manual and automatic calibration
  • Large, high-resolution 12.1" screen
  • Touchscreen user interface
  • Two or four ports
  • Four-port model with two independant generators
  • Expansion to up to 48 ports using switch matrices
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